Hack Kill Shot Bravo 3.0 iOS 10 and Android

Hack Kill Shot Bravo 3.0 iOS 10 and Android


Kill Shot Bravo


Hack  Kill Shot Bravo 3.0  – Get it now


Kill Shot Bravo 3.0 Hack Requirements:

Jailbroken or Non-Jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch or Android Device.

Kill Shot Bravo 3.0 Hack Features:

Everything you want 😉

Kill Shot Bravo 3.0 Hack Video/Screenshots:


Your Progress in Kill Shot Bravo 3.0

Don’t worry. With our online hack you will not lose your progress in the game.


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Kill Shot Bravo


What’s New in This Version:

Region 24: RIP Tide
Welcome to fabulous Nautic World, the first premiere under-sea resort destination! Fine dining, luxury suites and exquisite views of the ocean depths. Nothing could possibly go wrong here. Nothing except terrorism! Black Eclipse returns, ruining the fun of under-sea elites, and it’s up to you to send them swimming for cover in 50 Primary Missions. Descend into the depths of endlessly replayable Assault missions. Unleash a slug shot tsunami in brand new Breach missions. Send Black Eclipse’s leadership on a one-way trip to the bottom of the ocean in a new round of Black Ops. When you’ve done all that, journey into the high-pressure depths of Battle Hardened mode to push your skills to the limit. Your new loadout includes the Brogan Palantir semi-automatic sniper rifle, the Quinn Rampage burst fire assault rifle and the mighty Caraway Leadstorm machine gun! With all that firepower, not even the most vicious beasts of the sea can stand against you – and certainly not some scurvy terrorists. So, dive into the action with Kill Shot Bravo’s newest region, RIP Tide!

Coming Soon:

* The zombie apocalypse is nigh. Take out the zombie horde with 4 brand new zombie weapons, like the HH Romero machine gun
* 16 brand new Zombie Global Ops and Bounty missions

Holiday Event: 4th of July
* Earn points towards unlocking exclusive 4th of July-themed gear in Campaign and Event missions.
* Celebrate the 4th of July with the introduction of 4 firerocket-themed weapons, like the HH Bottle Rocket

Introducing: Special Forces Missions
* Dominate the competition through a map of our best missions with an all new skill-based scoring system. Special Forces is a timed event where you compete in a series of challenges against our best players and alliances for top rewards.

Introducing: Daily Ops
* Complete Daily Objectives every day for rewards

Weapon and Gear Collections
* Collecting sets of Weapons and Gear will boost your War Rating and give out other rewards


More info & Get it now

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